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1968-70 Charger "Go Wing" Pedestal Mount Rear Wing Spoiler
 1968-70 Charger
Concours quality reproduction spoiler kit includes the following: FP611 wing blade constructed of an ABS based thermoplastic (a proprietary blend) and is molded in gray (as original). It's not fiberglass. No original Mopar wings were ever made of fiberglass. This two-piece wing (as original) derives its rigid stability from the material itself (as original) instead of some secondary support such as a metal rod or foam. And it's not light weight, it's the right over 8 lbs.! All dimensions are correct, i.e., thickness, taper, length, height, crown, and curve. A Mopar Authentic Restoration Product with molded in PN and Pentastar; FP210 wing to pedestal attachment brackets; (2) RS190EW pedestals (hollow zinc die cast construction, powder coated black, Mopar ARP with cast in PN and Chrysler Pentastar); pair FP204 beveled gaskets; FP203 mounting stud set; FP215 underdeck reinforcement brackets (powder coated gloss black); and FP202 adjustment bolts. Absolutely every part needed, including placement instructions, to correctly mount this spoiler on any 1968, 1969, and 1970 Dodge Charger as their decklid sheetmetal is same. Made in USA. Reference Mopar PN 3570208 for the upper wing assembly / 3506362 for the 70 wing blade. Option Code J81 (Rear Spoiler). If your decklid panel is not factory stamped with the recesses to accept the reinforcement brackets, such recesses must be cut into the underside panel of the decklid before this kit will mount correctly. To aid in obtaining a factory look, order our FP245 templates ($30/pr.). Please contact us for dealer inquiries.
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List Price: $399.00
Price: $399.00

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