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1970-74 Plymouth Barracuda Belt Weatherstrip Kits
 1970-74 Plymouth Barracuda Belt Weatherstrip Kits
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NOTE I: Photo shown is of a typical E-Body 8 piece belt weatherstrip kit and this particular 1971-74 kit uses--as original--phillips head screws to attach strips to the outside of the doors. The same pieces on 1970 models, however, are attached with clips. Our various kits are supplied with the correct clips or screws as per the original application. Rear pieces are different lengths from Cuda to Challenger to Convertible and all rear pieces use clips. We simply want to clarify the use of this "stock/typical" photograph for the extremely sharp eyed reader! NOTE II: following Note I above, to make things as easy on the installer as possible, order the set that matches the model year of the doors installed on your car. In other words, if you know your 1970 car has had its doors replaced with doors from a 71-74 car, order a 71-74 set and vice-versa. Please contact us for dealer inquiries.
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Price: $165.00

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